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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
LeisureTime:2017-09-14 11:50:35

Project: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Products: DEBO Table Tops

Description: Four Seasons Hotels, Inc.  is a Canadian international luxury, five-star hotel management company.  Canadian businessman Isadore Sharp founded Four Seasons in 1961. So far there are 92 branch hotels and resorts located in 38 countries.   Travel + Leisuremagazine and Zagat Survey rank the hotel chain's 18 properties among the top luxury hotels worldwide,  Four season became the winner of most five stars hotel groud by Forbes. They pursue high-end customized experience and innovative spirit, coincides with DEBO's brand culture.

At the end of October 2014. DEBO completed another round of leisure restaurant facilities for Four season  ,with its unique innovation, the experience of the high grade, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection. Realized DEBO another exceed of International  high end customization.

DEBO completed the suite of outdoor furnitures table tops, change the conventional materials toughened glass, using innovative high pressure compact outdoor table tops ,  the resistance to outdoor environment is realized.

The resistance of UV, weather, impact is not provided by toughened glass.

One day afternoon, We sent the investigated staffs to Four Season, made one test on site: Sprinkling the coffee, milk tea, and oid to the compact table tops, put some tender cleanser, and rub slightly by the cloth, the table tops are recovered as such new one , without any trace.

We have got a lot of harvest after this investigation. The supervisor of branch told us, compact table tops is more high fashion than toughened glass table tops, meeting the request of their high end orientation. At the meantime, solving their cleaning maintenance problem as well.  They faced the difficulty of oil stain when they used toughened glass table tops before. Moreover agter long time using in outdoors, glass will be easily broken,  now they have saved the purchased cost when they use durable compact table tops.

Over this inspection tour, we communicate deeply with r&d , wishing to provide excellent properties, unique personal design for more high end hotels and chain restaurants.

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