DEBO® Compact Fiberboard

DEBO® Compact Fiberboard is an innovative, robust, and high density (1000-1200kg/m3) wood based fiberboard. The raw core is black and made up of natural wood fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin. The surface layer(s) are decor paper impregnated with melamine based resin. These two components are bonded together under high pressure and temperature to obtain an integrated decorative material.

An alternative of Compact Laminate

The invention of DEBO® Compact Fiberboard is a revolutionary breakthrough  in building decoration panel industry. On the basis of the most advanced technology of European wood-based artificial panel, DEBO increased the density and waterproof performance to meet the strictest specification of waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial in different applications. As a result, It can be used as a preferred alternative to Compact Laminate in many areas to create a variety of architectural decoration design while still meeting the requirements of long term use.




1220 x 1830
1220 x 2800
1220 x 2440
1220 x 3050
1525 x 3050
1830 x 2440



Test report

Raw core

Wood fiber


1000-1200 kg/m³ (EN323)

Thickness tolerance

±0.2 mm (EN324)

Thickness swelling

3-5 % (EN317)

Fire performance archievable*

Bs1-d0 (EN13501)

Release of formaldehyde*

Grade E1 (EN13986)

Flexural strength

>60 N/mm² (EN310)

Flexural elasticity module

>5800 N/mm² (EN310)

Surface bond strength

>4 N/mm² (EN319)

Internal bond strength

>5800 N/mm² (EN310)

Thermal conductivity

0.185 W/mk (EN13986)

Moisture content

8 % (EN322)

Crack resistance

Class 5 (EN14323)

Impact resistance

High (EN14323)

Cleanability / stain resistance

Class 8 (EN14323)

Colour / surface consistence

Class 8 (EN438-2)


Class 1 (ASTMG21-2015)


≥99 % (JIS Z-2801)

* The highest fireproof performance was grade B1, which needs to be customized according to customer requirement;

* In some application scenarios, we also provide E2;

* Mould proof can reach grade 0, which needs to be customized according to customer requirement;

* The antibacterial property is comprehensive in all DEBO panels.